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First Friday

December 02, 2022 5pm - 7pm

Join the Historical Society in celebrating a Dickens of a Christmas! We will be open from 5pm to 7pm.

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Woodland Hall – Remembrances of the Family and Home


Woodland Hall: Remembrances of the Family and Home.  This book, written by “Mary Woody” Gould Tan and her friend, reporter Virginia Carroll, chronicles three famous Kent County historic houses—Marsh Point, Scotch Folly, and Woodland Hall and the people who inhabited them beginning in 1733. Touchingly illustrated with family photos and filled with family stories, this book travels to California to answer the question:  What is the connection between the builder of Woodland Hall (circa 1782) and Julia Morgan, the designer of California’s Hearst Castle.  It’s a fascinating read.  Signed by the author, $10.00, plus $3.00 book-rate shipping.