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Legacy Day

August 19-20, 2022 11am - 2pm

August 19, 11am - 2pm, 8pm - 10pm and August 20, 10am - 1pm

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Lucy: The Chestertown Goose


Lucy, The Chestertown Goose.  This delightful children’s book tells the true story of a wild, white goose who arrived uninvited at the Chestertown waterfront in the late 1980’s.  Dubbed Lucy by local residents, Lucy became a Chestertown institution for the next 15 years, reigning over Chester River waterfront.  So beloved was Lucy that after her death, town residents erected a bronze statue of her, which stands today on the boardwalk.  Written by the late Chestertown resident Sandra Arns Frohock and illustrated by Chestertown artist Cheryl Anthony Roberts.  $10.00, plus $3.00 bookrate shipping.