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Donald Shomette, The Haunting Mallows Bay, Graveyard of Wooden Ships

November 01, 2019 5pm

On April 2, 1917, President Woodrow Wilson issued a national call to arms against Imperial Germany. What followed in the United States was a frenzied effort to build hundreds of merchant ships to replace those being destroyed in Germany’s campaign of unrestricted submarine warfare. The newly created U.S. Shipping Board Emergency Fleet Corporation embarked on a course that, in the span of a few pivotal years in American history, came to exhibit mankind’s genius, ignorance, avarice, drive–and folly–for the largest portion of that fleet came to rest on the muddy floor of Mallows Bay. Donald G. Shomette recounts fascinating tales of the wonders that lie beneath the bay. An accomplished underwater archaeologist, Shomette describes the cutting-edge technology used in ship excavations, the underwater hunts for the earliest English colony in Maryland, and stories of the great fleet that now rests in eternal slumber beneath the waters of Mallows Bay.


Wassail Party

December 06, 2019 5pm

Join us for our annual Wassail Party.

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Walking Tours

One of the best ways to explore almost four centuries of Kent County and Chestertown history is by taking to foot and walking in the footsteps of those who made it.

Start Walking Tours at the Bordley History Center at 301 High Street.

Spring Walking Tour

Spring has sprung!  The tour focuses on Chestertown life prior and during the Revolutionary War. Kent County was heavily involved in the war by sending support to Washington’s army and Chestertown was home to several naval heroes.

The last stop will be for tea at the White Swan Tavern, a rare surviving tavern that is said to have provided refreshment to General George Washington.

The Spring Walking Tour is offered in April and May, Tuesday-Friday.  Please see the Historical Society Hours for planning.  Call 410-778-3499 for scheduling.

Walking Tour of Historic Chestertown and Tea:  $15.00 per Person 

Tours are given for 5 people up to 15 people per tour. As always, special exceptions can be made in advance so please do not hesitate to call us!

Virtual Walking Tour

The original Architectural Guide to Chestertown was produced in 1985. The text was written by Robert J. H. Janson-La Palme. Assisting in research was Kathleen B. White. The Project Coordinator was William S. Ingersoll. The text was edited in October 2000, January 2016, and January 2018. Photos courtesy of the Historical Society of Kent County and Paul McClure.

The Historical Society’s online version is produced with permission of the Town. The paper version of the Tour will continue to be available through the Kent County Office of Tourism, the Visitors Center on Cross Street, and the Bordley History Center at 301 High Street.

Group Walking Tours

A visit to Kent County, Maryland is not complete without a Walking Tour of Historic Chestertown.

Schedule group tours in advance by calling 410-778-3499 or emailing director@kentcountyhistory.org.

Walking Tour of Historic Chestertown:  $15.00 per Person

Tours are given for 5 people up to 15 people per tour. As always, special exceptions can be made in advance so please do not hesitate to call us!