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Id# Name Title Creator Place Date
2643 Disc, Compact Gilbert Byron Oral History     1983
2653 Disc, Compact Stephen Roberts Collins Oral History     1983
2657 Disc, Compact Jesse B. Downey Oral History     11/10/1982
2662 Disc, Compact Alice H. Hopkins Oral History     12/31/1982
2663 Disc, Compact Wilbur Ross Hubbard Oral History     04/01/1983
2664 Disc, Compact Hope Barroll Hudson Oral History     05-03-1982
2666 Disc, Compact William Lee Oral History     01/04/1983
2667 Disc, Compact Francis P. Metcalfe Oral History     06/13/1982
2669 Tape Dorothy Myers Oral History     03/28/1983
2671 Disc, Compact William "Swish" Nicholson Oral History     5/4/83
2673 Disc, Compact Adam Schauber Oral History     08/19/1982
2676 Disc, Compact Catherine Slagle Oral History     05/09/1984
2681 Disc, Compact Anna Thelma Vansant Oral History     04/08/1983
2684 Disc, Compact Harriette S. Welch Oral History     10/29/1982
2685 Disc, Compact Lee Landrus Wicks Oral History     08/05/1982
4322 Tape Mabel Lee Elbourn Oral History     1982

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