Stephen Roberts Collins Oral History

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Date 1983
Abstract Stephen Robert Collins (born 1896)

The son of Chestertown Transcript editor Richard Collins, Stephen Collins graduated from Chestertown Public School and Washington College and then attended law school at the University of Maryland. In 1925 he began practicing law in Kent County, and served as State's Attorney for 12 years and as a judge for the Second Judicial Court and Maryland Court of Appeals until his retirement in 1957.

Collins' fondest childhood memories are of spending time on the Chester River. His father had an old log canoe without mast or sails. "We had a Hubbard engine…a one cylinder engine on a log canoe and we could take about 30 people." They would take groups downriver to picnic on the shore. "My father loved to fish and he and some of his friends would go out down the river fishing and then…at night, we'd go out with a crowd of young people up and down the river. There were a few more other boats that were around and we'd go swimming."

In the 1930s, Collins became one of the first presidents of the Chester River Yacht and Country Club. The yacht club members had been racing motorboats for some years when they decided to expand. "My uncle owned the farm where the Country Club is and where all that development is, about a two hundred acre farm and the members of the yacht club decided they'd like to have a club house and a golf course....So my uncle sold that sixty acres to us and we started, we called it the Chester River Yacht and Country Club. Built the golf course and the club house which was very small."

2 original cassette tapes
Interview date 03/16/1983
Length of interview 94 minutes
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Narrator Collins, Stephen Roberts
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Title Stephen Roberts Collins Oral History
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